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Date:   6th May 2005
30th Sept 2005
3rd March 2005

There are really very few persons with towering personality of Prof. Lokaranjan Dasgupta (popularly known a LRD) to be bracketed into one
Is he a Professor?
Is he a social reformer?
Political / Economical Advisor and Representative of UN?
all rolled into one. A person with such personality is a rare to find. However, inside this towering personality lies his humanism, his national and international soft skill which we cherish in our hearts till date.

Prof. LRD

Prof. LRD were not there to speak on socialism, capitalism, mixed economy and the other grooved thought process/ideas clamoring for their infallibility which are basically borrowed ideas from abroad and do not have their roots in our soil. He would rather speak and address economic/political/business issues in the Indian context after in depth studies/analysis and in depth macro and micro analysis under local condition. He was a great reader and thinker. The works of Marxism, Leninism, works of Gandhi were all his subject of studies. He strongly believed that direction of one individual and groomed thought process cannot address all issues. He was specifically attracted to the works of Swami Vivekananda & Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. He was totally committed and believed in ‘Gyanjoga’. He was not among those who likes to gain political mileage from empty words from the platform of a political leader. He would not also believed that the industrialists are not untouchable. He would constantly strike on the social responsibility of the business men/value generator. He would often complain that our industrialists claim for privatization in all matters and would seek for their own protection from competition for their personal gain at the cost of the consumers.

Prof. LRD lost his parents at his early age and was brought up by his father like figure of his elder brother Prof. Manoranjan Dasgupta within a joint family background. He ranked in M.A (Commerce) from Calcutta University in 1939 and joined teaching profession in the year 1940.

Just after independence (1947) he got the offer to join in the foreign services, he could not avail the opportunity due to his strong commitment towards his joint family. He however went to UK for undergoing Teacher’s Training Program for Commerce studies. After his return from UK, he published his book on ‘Business Education’. He was attached to City Commerce College for more than 40 years and was associated with CU for 20 years. He also a faculty member in the Institute of Social Welfare & Business Administration. He was associated with a leading Chamber of Commerce for more than 20 years. Prof. LRD often used to say in his own way (East Bengal dialect) ‘Are you a teacher by choice or a teacher under compulsion.’ If you belong to second category, please go else where and leave the profession. In his book ‘Our Society, Conflict & Cohesion’, he has opened up his thought process and sets his fundamental disposition of his distilled wisdom. He has introduced the word ‘Social Commitment of the Business World which has become buzz word today’. He came up with his bold suggestion that there should be a minimum qualification of the Parliamentarians, Industrial & other decision makers and other opinion leaders.

In the interface between nationalism & internationalism, he as expounded the idea of ‘Localism’. He would fearlessly pronounced ‘one need not be less national to be more local’. He would always pronounced what he himself practices.


Time comes when one has to look back to the past to distill his thought process and profusely acknowledge his debt to few genius who gives not only his wisdom but rather his faith/conviction during the formative days of our carrier. Prof. Lokaranjan Dasgupta (popularly known as LRD) is one of the few who lead us to the threshold in the business world. I know there are thousands of my friends who had the opportunity to come closure to him during the different phase of the academic life. We very few, however, can probably claim to take back along with us few sparks of his distilled wisdom and applied in practice in the business world in India and abroad. Today on 6TH May 2005 on his 90TH birth anniversary, we thought it appropriate to release few waves of thoughts from the chest of our sealed memory lane and invite others to join us who happen to came closure to this towering personality to write back something in this web site (www.texproindia.com), which can remain for ever for the posterity.

By: S. C. Basu
Ex General Manager,
Price WaterHouse & Coopers

Lokoranjan Dasgupta


Texpro (India), a knowledge base organization believes in the mission and vision of Late Prof. Lokaranjan Dasgupta and place this memorabilia in his honor. The knowledge group intends to translate his ideas into action, which is relevant even today in the backdrop of the vast gap between have and have not. An article of Late LRD, written in the year 1948 when he was 33 years is set out below, which would give an insight of his exceptional visionary, patriotism and foresight. Texpro (India) invites article on such socio-economic issues, which are relevant now.

Freedom we have got. Speculation as to our future may be interesting but nonetheless difficult. We therefore feel shy to make any hazardous prophecy as to shape of things to come or as to the character and extent of mutual adjustment that the future will demand of the different classes of our people, in order to evolve a stronger, better and happier India playing her rightful role in the comity of nations. But one thing seems to be certain, that there can not be a peaceful and better India, if the gross inequalities among the economic giants and the pigmies cannot be suitably and substantially reduced.

All classes and sections of people have fought for the freedom of the country for sixty years, under the banner of Indian National Congress. After achievement of freedom there has been almost a race among the different class interests for realization of their own advantages. Nobody seems to think in terms of national interests, though everyone attempts to cloak his demands in terms of national uplift and development. The common man (as if those who use it are all uncommon!) has been the worse victim because everybody talks of his good and there is hardly anybody left to work for him. We all have developed a tendency to give less to others and take more from them. The employers have it, the employees too. We all think more in terms of our ‘rights of freedom’ and less in terms of ‘responsibilities for freedom’.

We are free and we ourselves propose to do whatever we like and at the same time want all the others to tolerate us. We all consider ourselves as most important in the construction of our country and we must get the priority in everything we require. Who is to bring harmony in the midst of these? To whom the hungry should look for food? From whom the naked can except a piece of cloth for covering his loin? To whom the wailing mother can run for medical aid to her dying child? The hungry, the naked, the sick and the homeless are where they were and may be there for the years more. The fruits of freedom are to be first tasted by the most dominant class (the class which controls the instruments of production) and a little by those who are near to them (the organized labor). The seeds are then to be sown, the trees have to bear fruit and then only the sundry millions can expect to taste the fruits of freedom, call it Capitalism, call it Socialism or Mixed Economy, whatever you like.


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