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Texpro (India) believe that knowledge is power and the team is having multi disciplinary professionals. They include :

  Economists & Sector Analyst & Business
   Management Expert
  Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Textile, Chemical,
   Computer, Environmental Engineering
  Legal Expert
  Commercial & Marketing

At Work

with exposure both in leading Private and Public Sectors / NGO in the respective disciplines in India / Abroad, who try to build up a perfect blend between their respective discipline. In the organization skill development, brain storming, desk research, Delphi technique are meticulously followed.

The 15 member core team are set out in a framework as a “Monolith Managerial Molecule”, who works as a team lead by Managing Worker – the CEO, of the professional body. The team members follow Japanese style of management adapted to Indian socio-economic culture and environment. The core culture of the group is akin to Japanese dictum of management theory i.e. conscious approach reflected in the verse (TAO).

“ 15 spokes are made one by holes in a hub.
Together with the space in between
They compose a wheel.”

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Our Team

Our Inspiration

From the inception in 1994, Texpro (India) has been rendering advisory, hand holding services to Business Group / Government Agencies / NGO / Financial Institutions, providing advises on Business Strategy, Change Integration and Techno-Economic studies and valuation in diverse fields ably and efficiently. They also carry out desk research in diverse area along-with its constituent members including NGOs. The field of research includes the following main economic and social sectors:

  Textile (include all sub-sector of Textile)
  Health Care
  Cold Chain & Food Processing
  Environmental Impact Assessment & Planning
  Infrastructure / Township


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