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Texpro (India) provides wide range of services, from personal (valuation of private assets satisfying the various needs) to business (asset valuation, technology status assessment, desk research / market survey for achievement of progress, sustaining growth etc.). The business service includes the erstwhile private sectors that have Cold Storages (Single or Multi-Channel), Rice Mill, Nursing Homes, and Agricultural Firms etc.

Texpro (India) provides achievable business solutions to all sectors of industries large scale, medium scale, small & tiny sector. The areas are

Business strategy framing & restructuring organization / business process
   Macro studies of industrial sectoral activities
 Project identification and its Techno-Economic appraisal including spotting business opportunity
  N.P.A Diagnosis Helping to ensure progress, not just running in place & Evaluation of  strategies for turnaround
  Operational Review & Revival Studies including Preparation of Rehabilitation Packages
  Assessment of technology status & technology due diligence
  Reverse Merger
  Business Enterprise Valuation / Asset Valuation i.e. When require an appraiser figure of a property what a willing buyer would pay a willing seller, assuming both have all the relevant & requisite information they need to make the transaction or for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Spin-offs, Allocation of Acquisition Price, Issuing Stock etc.
  Debt restructuring


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